1. Stage 3
  2. English
  3. Activities
  4. Information report on Antarctica
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Information report on Antarctica

Grade Work Samples
Midway through Stage 3 (end of Year 5) End of Stage 3 (end of Year 6)
Grade A Lee   Sam  
Grade C Bailey   Drew   Terry   Morgan  
New Work Samples

Foundation Statement strands

The following strands are covered in this activity:


Description of Activity

Students research information about Antarctica including its landforms, climate, flora and fauna. They select relevant facts and write an information report. Students publish their report using neat handwriting or desktop publishing skills.

Suggested materials

Computer (optional)

Prior Learning

Students have been participating in an integrated unit of work on Antarctica. They have participated in the deconstruction of a text, looking at the structure and language features of an information report. Students have jointly and independently constructed information reports in HSIE and Science and Technology units of work.


Producing Texts (WS3.9)
Produces a wide range of well-structured and well-presented literary and factual texts for a wide variety of purposes and audiences using increasingly challenging topics, ideas, issues and written language features.
Grammar and Punctuation (WS3.10)
Uses knowledge of sentence structure, grammar and punctuation to edit own writing.
Spelling (WS3.11)
Spells most common words accurately and uses a range of strategies to spell unfamiliar words.
Handwriting and Computer Technology (WS3.12)
Produces texts in a fluent and legible style and uses computer technology to present these effectively in a variety of ways.

Criteria for Assessing Learning

Students will be assessed on their ability to:

  • produce a well-structured information report
  • use sentence structure, grammatical features and punctuation conventions appropriate for an information report
  • use strategies to spell familiar and unfamiliar words
  • use joined letters when writing in NSW Foundation Style
  • demonstrate basic desktop publishing skills using a computer.
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