1. Assessment Resource Centre
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Assessment Resource Centre

The aim of this website is to support and enhance professional practice in the assessment and reporting of student achievement across Years K to 12. It has been developed primarily for teachers, although parents and students will also find it useful.

Reporting student achievement using A to E

The A–E grading scale lets teachers report student academic achievement at any point in time using clear standards. Teachers will make a professional on-balance judgement as to which grade best matches the standard their students have achieved. more...

Work samples

Student work samples for Stages 1–5 on this website are aligned to the common grade scale. Student work samples with teacher commentaries have been provided for Early Stage 1. These work samples will assist teachers across NSW to consistently report student achievement against standards when using grades A to E or equivalent. There are also student work samples with annotations and marking guidelines for Stage 6 English Studies

Years K-6Years 7-8Years 9-10Years 11-12 (including Higher School Certificate)

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