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Worksheet 1


Nancye Pigdon

In a pond, on a still dark night,
the frog laid her tiny black eggs.
The eggs were joined together
with jelly-like stuff called spawn.
They floated on top of the water.

Day after day the tiny eggs grew.
After a week or so,
they began to wriggle in the spawn.

Not long after this, they hatched into tadpoles.
One of these tadpoles was Moggy.

She felt very much at home under the water.
She could swim,
she could breathe through her gills,
and she fed on water plants.

During the next few weeks,
she grew bigger and fatter.
Her body began to change.

Extract from Moggy's Hop by Nancye Pigdon,
Macmillan Australia, 1987. Reproduced courtesy the author.

Valentine clipart frog made available as a Public Domain image

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