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New Work Samples

Activity: Survey (View Activity…)

Students survey the class on their favourite sport, food, colour etc and determine what type of graph is the best to display their set of data.

Activity: Treasure Island (View Activity…)

Students draw a ‘Treasure Island’ map and mark where the treasure is hidden. They write a set of directions, using compass points and grid coordinates, to the location of the hidden treasure on their map.

Activity: Mixed operations (View Activity…)

Students select 15 numbers between 1 and 100. They express each of the selected numbers in two different ways using mixed operations.

Activity: At the grand final (View Activity…)

Students use a price list to complete a worksheet based on a scenario.

Activity: Perimeter (View Activity…)

Students investigate how many different four-sided shapes they can construct with a perimeter of 20 centimetres.

Activity: What's the problem? (View Activity…)

Students respond to the scenario and record their responses to the problem.

Activity: Interpret the graph (View Activity…)

Students are given the results of a school survey and asked to interpret the information.

New Work Samples

New work samples that are yet to be aligned to a grade are added here.

You may wish to try aligning a new work sample to a grade.

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