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Assessment Resource Centre (ARC)

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Mathematics – Activities

Activities Work Samples
Midway through Stage 3
(end of Year 5)
End of Stage 3
(end of Year 6)

Students respond to the scenario and record their responses to the problem. View...

9 15

Students respond to a given scenario about the perimeter and area of a rectangle with changing dimensions, justifying their answers. View...

5 7

Students select 15 numbers between 1 and 100. They express each of the selected numbers in two different ways using mixed operations. View...


Students investigate how many different four-sided shapes they can construct with a perimeter of 20 centimetres. View...


Students survey the class on their favourite sport, food, colour etc and determine what type of graph is the best to display their set of data. View...


Students use a price list to complete a worksheet based on a scenario. View...


Students draw a ‘Treasure Island’ map and mark where the treasure is hidden. They write a set of directions, using compass points and grid coordinates, to the location of the hidden treasure on their map. View...


Students construct rectangular prisms using 24 interlocking cubes, and record their findings. View...


Students list activities they do in a week and record these in analog, digital and 24-hour time. They then create a timeline of events. View...


Students are given the results of a school survey and asked to interpret the information. View...


Students use a protractor and ruler to draw a variety of triangles. They label the triangles and explain their features. View...

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