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  1. Stage 3
  2. Mathematics
  3. Foundation Statement
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Mathematics – Stage 3 Foundation Statement

Working Mathematically
Students ask questions and undertake investigations, selecting appropriate technological applications and problem-solving strategies. They use mathematical terminology and some conventions and they give valid reasons when comparing and selecting from possible solutions, making connections with existing knowledge and understanding.
Activities: Rectangular prisms, Survey, Treasure Island, Mixed operations, At the grand final, Perimeter, A day in my life, What's the problem?, Changing rectangles, Triangles, Interpret the graph
Students read, write and order numbers of any size, selecting and applying appropriate mental, written or calculator strategies for the four operations. They compare, order and perform calculations with simple fractions, decimals and simple percentages and apply the four operations to money in real-life situations. Students place the likelihood of simple events in order on a number line from 0 to 1.
Activities: Mixed operations, At the grand final, What's the problem?
Patterns and Algebra
Students record and describe geometric and number patterns using tables and words. They construct, verify and complete number sentences involving the four operations.
Activities: What's the problem?
Measurement and Data
Students select and use the appropriate unit to estimate, measure and calculate length, area, volume, capacity and mass. They use 24-hour time in real-life situations and construct timelines. Students draw and interpret a variety of graphs using a scale.
Activities: Rectangular prisms, Survey, Perimeter, A day in my life, Changing rectangles, Triangles, Interpret the graph
Space and Geometry
Students construct and classify 3D objects and 2D shapes and compare and describe their properties. They measure, construct and classify angles and make simple calculations using scale.
Activities: Rectangular prisms, Treasure Island, Triangles
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