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New Work Samples

Activity: Music: Exploring Graphic Scores (View Activity…)

Students create a soundscape based on their study of South-East Asian cultures and represent their compositions using graphic notation.

Activity: Visual Arts: Mars Expedition Collage (View Activity…)

Students use painting, monoprint, drawings and magazine clippings to produce a collage that depicts the Mars environment and experience.

Activity: Visual Arts: Still-life of Sunflowers (View Activity…)

Students create a still-life of sunflowers.

Activity: Visual Arts: Portrait Lino Cuts (View Activity…)

Students make a lino cut portrait of a classmate's face and produce a print.

Activity: Visual Arts: Wire Sculptures (View Activity…)

Students draw a classmate's face and use wire to translate their drawing into a sculpture.

Activity: Music: Composing for recorder (View Activity…)

Students compose an eight bar melody in 6/8 time and use the notes of the G major scale to create a melody based on their rhythm.

Activity: Drama: Playbuilding: A Moment in Time (View Activity…)

Students work collaboratively to build a performance piece set in a rainforest.

Activity: Visual Arts: Cubist inspired self-portrait (View Activity…)

Students create a cubist-inspired self-portrait.

New Work Samples

New work samples that are yet to be aligned to a grade are added here.

You may wish to try aligning a new work sample to a grade.

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