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Assessment Resource Centre (ARC)

  1. Stage 3
  2. Creative Arts
  3. Foundation Statement
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Creative Arts – Stage 3 Foundation Statement

Visual Arts
Students make artworks for a variety of audiences using different forms and techniques to convey meaning and represent the likeness of things in the world. They discuss artworks in terms of how subject matter is used and represented, artists' intention and audience interpretation and make reasoned judgements about these artworks.
Activities: Visual Arts: Making Music Collages, Visual Arts: Mars Expedition Collage, Visual Arts: Still-life of Sunflowers, Visual Arts: Portrait Lino Cuts, Visual Arts: Wire Sculptures, Visual Arts: Cubist inspired self-portrait
Students sing, play and move to a range of music, both as individuals and in group situations, demonstrating an understanding of musical concepts. They organise musical ideas into compositions, using notation systems to record these ideas. Students listen to arange of familiar and unfamiliar music with a sense of understanding, appreciation and discrimination.
Activities: Music: Exploring Graphic Scores, Music: Composing for recorder
Students use movement, voice and the elements of drama to sustain dramatic roles in a range of contexts. They devise and perform a range of drama forms for audiences. Students interpret a range of drama experiences by making, performing and appreciating drama.
Activities: Drama: Stories on Screen, Drama: Playbuilding: A Moment in Time
Students perform dances from a range of contexts demonstrating movement and expressive qualities appropriate to the dance. They explore, refine and organise movement to convey meaning to an audience. They recognise and discuss how dance has various artistic and cultural contexts.
Activities: Dance: Rainbow Serpent, Dance: Shape Dance
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