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Music: Composing for recorder

New Work Samples

Foundation Statement strands

The following strands are covered in this activity:


Description of activity

Students compose an eight bar melody in 6/8 time. They are given a rhythmic vocabulary and have to firstly order the rhythmic vocabulary into an eight bar sequence. Once this is completed, they use the notes of the G major scale to create a melody based on their rhythm.

Suggested materials

Recorders, manuscript paper

Prior learning

Students have been learning to play the descant recorder and the range of notes from D to D. They have worked in groups to create simple compositions.


Organising Sound (MUS3.2)
Improvises, experiments, selects, combines and orders sound using musical concepts.
Organising Sound (MUS3.3)
Notates and discusses own work and the work of others.

Criteria for assessing learning

Students will be assessed on their:

• composition of an eight beat pattern in 6/8 time for recorder
• use of a rhythm pattern to compose a melody
• representation of ideas using traditional notation.

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