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Mathematics – Activities

Activities Work Samples
Midway through Kindergarten End of Kindergarten

Students make a picture using different-sized paper shapes. They name the shapes they have used and describe how they have been used. View...

4 1

Students compare the lengths of different objects and draw a picture to record their results. View...

2 9

Students use picture cards to make a data display. They interpret their data display and pose a question that could be asked about the data. View...

1 4

Students use markings to indicate where particular numbers are located on the number line, then explain the process they used. View...


Students make four different repeating patterns using pattern blocks or other materials. View...


Students use cookie cutters and playdough to make shapes which they then cut into equal parts. View...


Students are presented with a scenario and use a drawing to solve the problem and record their answer. View...

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