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Work Samples - Grade C

The work samples for this grade, together, assist teachers to gain a common understanding of the standard of work typically produced by students whose performance, on balance, matches the description for Grade C.

Activity: What could the question be? (View Activity…)

Students are presented with the scenario: 'The answer is 20. What could the question be?' They record a variety of number sentences using numerals, symbols and words, and include different operations.

Activity: Spatial Pattern (View Activity…)

Students create a design using two, three or four pattern blocks and flip it over an axis of symmetry.

Activity: Time of day (View Activity…)

Students draw themselves doing an activity at a particular time of day and record this using analog and digital time.

Activity: Wake up (View Activity…)

Students participate in a game and work out how many eggs are hidden in a basket after being shown an exposed number.

Activity: The beach (View Activity…)

Students construct a graph using the symbols provided and interpret the information presented.

Activity: Hidden number (View Activity…)

Students create, represent and continue a variety of number patterns and supply missing elements in a number pattern on a hundreds chart.

Activity: Model School (View Activity…)

Students construct a 3D model of the school using blocks or lego.

Grade C

The student has a sound knowledge and understanding of the main areas of content and has achieved an adequate level of competence in the processes and skills.
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