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New Work Samples

Activity: Recount (View Activity…)

Students write a recount of a recent event at school or at home.

Activity: Explanation of a manufacturing process (View Activity…)

Students write an explanation of a manufacturing process they have been studying in class.

Activity: Procedure (View Activity…)

Students write a procedure explaining how to make a model, a paper aeroplane or a snack.

Activity: Literary description (View Activity…)

Students plan, draft and write a descriptive passage.

Activity: Reading Aloud (View Activity…)

Students are provided with two unfamiliar written texts which they read aloud.

Activity: Information report on an animal (View Activity…)

Students draft and publish an information report on an animal.

Activity: Discussion (View Activity…)

Students write a discussion on a chosen topic.

New Work Samples

New work samples that are yet to be aligned to a grade are added here.

You may wish to try aligning a new work sample to a grade.

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