1. Years 7-8
  2. English
  3. Activities
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English – Activities

Activities Work Samples
Midway through Stage 4
(end of Year 7)
End of Stage 4
(end of Year 8)

Students recommend three poems for inclusion in a poetry anthology for Year 8. They write a response to each one, giving reasons for their recommendations. View...

6 12

Students select a piece of their own writing for a life writing competition and evaluate the merits and appropriateness of the piece. View...

8 8

Students compose a persuasive letter to a potential tourist to Australia. View...

2 6

Students research the contribution of an Aboriginal person to Australian society and write an imaginative narrative. View...


Students choose one or more elements from a selection of video extracts to use as the basis for the opening of a short story. View...


Students write a recount in letter format about the theme and texts they have been studying in class. View...


Students write a response to two poems explaining what each poem is about and how poetic techniques contribute to their understanding and enjoyment of the poems. View...


Students write the script of a television talk show interview on the novel they have been reading in class. View...

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