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  4. Investigating the strength of the magnetic pull force
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Investigating the strength of the magnetic pull force

There are no Work Samples available for this Activity.

Foundation Statement strands

The following strands are covered in this activity:

Investigating Scientifically, The Natural Environment

Description of activity

Students investigate whether some magnets have a stronger pull force than others.


  1. Students make predictions about how the pull force of different magnets will vary.
  2. They design and conduct a fair test using a variety of magnets, paper clips and a ruler.
  3. Students record their results in the grid.
  4. They comment on the method used in the test, the results, and the accuracy of their predictions.

Suggested materials

Magnets (bar, horseshoe, flat, fridge etc), paper clips, ruler.

Prior learning

This task is a small part of a Science and Technology unit of work in which students have identified and analysed different push-and-pull forces in the natural environment. This activity focuses on students investigating magnetism as a pull force. Students have investigated the different materials that are attracted by a magnet and the teacher has demonstrated the pull force of a horseshoe magnet using a paper clip ‘train’.


Investigating Scientifically (INVS 2.7)
Conducts investigations by observing, questioning, predicting, testing, collecting, recording and analysing data, and drawing conclusions.
Physical Phenomena (PPS 2.4)
Identifies various forms and sources of energy and devises systems that use energy.

Criteria for assessing learning

Students will be assessed on their ability to:

  • design a fair test to investigate the pull force of a magnet
  • make and record their predictions
  • conduct a fair test
  • record the results of the investigation
  • analyse their predictions.

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