1. Stage 2
  2. Personal Development, Health and Physical Education
  3. Activities
  4. Benefits of Physical Activity Fact Sheet
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Benefits of Physical Activity Fact Sheet

Grade Work Samples
End of Stage 2 (end of Year 4)
Grade B Jordan   Lou  
Grade C Indra   Tracy   Ariel  
Grade D Huong  
New Work Samples

Foundation Statement strands

The following strands are covered in this activity:

Fundamental Movement and Physical Activity

Description of activity

Students design a fact sheet to be used at school to promote involvement in physical activity.

Suggested materials

Cardboard or paper, computer (optional)

Prior learning

Students have participated in a variety of physical activities and discussed the effects of these on health and parts of the body such as lungs, heart and muscles. They can identify the physical activities that contribute to the various components of fitness (eg flexibility, strength, endurance). Students have researched some health issues linked to physical inactivity (eg heart disease, obesity and diabetes). They have kept a physical activity journal and can identify some short-term and long-term benefits of participation in regular physical activity.


Active Lifestyle (ALS2.6)
Discusses the relationship between regular physical activity and health
Communicating (COS 2.1)
Uses a variety of ways to communicate with and within groups

Criteria for assessing learning

Students will be assessed on their ability to:

  • demonstrate an understanding of the benefits of physical activity on health
  • communicate information using a fact sheet
  • describe the positive feelings associated with participation in physical activity.
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