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British Colonisation: Letters

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End of Stage 2 (end of Year 4)
Grade C Morgan  
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Foundation Statement strands

The following strands are covered in this activity:

Change and Continuity

Description of activity

Students adopt the role of an historical figure involved in the early exploration of Australia or in the British colonisation of Australia. They write a letter to a family member or colleague in Europe describing their experiences in Australia.

Suggested materials

Worksheet, pencils/pens, paper, research materials

Prior learning

Students have been participating in a unit of work on British colonisation of Australia. They have learnt about various aspects of contact and exploration. Students have investigated key historical events and sites, and explored the impact of British colonisation on Indigenous Australians. In English, students have drafted and composed letters for different purposes. In Creative Arts, they have participated in role-plays about historical figures and events.

Board of Studies, HSIE K–6 Units of Work, pp 193–202


Significant Events and People (CCS2.1)
Describes events and actions related to the British colonisation of Australia and assesses changes and consequences.
Time and Change (CCS2.2)
Explains changes in the community and family life and evaluates the effects of these on different individuals, groups and environments.

Criteria for assessing learning

Students will be assessed on their ability to:

  • select and use various historical sources to reconstruct the past
  • describe events and actions related to the British colonisation of Australia
  • demonstrate an understanding of the experiences of an historical figure
  • incorporate factual information in their letter.
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