1. Stage 3
  2. Science and Technology
  3. Work Samples
  4. Grade D
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Work Samples - Grade D

The work samples for this grade, together, assist teachers to gain a common understanding of the standard of work typically produced by students whose performance, on balance, matches the description for Grade D.

Activity: Designing and making an electric windmill or fan (View Activity…)

Students design and make a windmill or fan turned by a simple electric circuit.

Activity: Designing and investigating a method by which everyday materials can be used to filter dirty water (View Activity…)

Students investigate a variety of materials which can be used to filter solid material from a sample of dirty water they have prepared.

Activity: Investigating dyeing a fabric (View Activity…)

Students design a test to investigate a question about dyeing fabric.

Activity: Investigating a natural disaster (View Activity…)

Students investigate a natural disaster, and design and make a poster to present their findings.

Grade D

The student has a basic knowledge and understanding of the content and has achieved a limited level of competence in the processes and skills.
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