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    Survey - Marley : Grade Commentary

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Marley has demonstrated a basic understanding of the use of graphs to display data. A computer-generated line graph has been selected but the choice has not been justified mathematically. A title has been provided and the axes have been labelled but the graph is an inappropriate choice for the type of information to be displayed. A column graph has been listed as a possible alternative but no understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of the two types of graphs has been shown. This work sample demonstrates characteristics of work typically produced by a student performing at grade D standard midway through Stage 3.

Grade D

The student has a basic knowledge and understanding of the content and has achieved a limited level of competence in the processes and skills.

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Foundation Statement strands

The following strands are covered in this activity:

  • Working Mathematically
    Students ask questions and undertake investigations, selecting appropriate technological applications and problem-solving strategies. They use mathematical terminology and some conventions and they give valid reasons when comparing and selecting from possible solutions, making connections with existing knowledge and understanding.
  • Measurement and Data
    Students select and use the appropriate unit to estimate, measure and calculate length, area, volume, capacity and mass. They use 24-hour time in real-life situations and construct timelines. Students draw and interpret a variety of graphs using a scale.
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