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Assessment Resource Centre (ARC)

  1. Stage 1
  2. Personal Development, Health and Physical Education
  3. Foundation Statement
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Personal Development, Health and Physical Education – Stage 1 Foundation Statement

Fundamental Movement and Physical Activity
Students participate and perform in dance, gymnastics, minor games and sports. They complete simple movement sequences that show an understanding of dynamics, spatial awareness, relationships, timing and rhythm of movement. They demonstrate fair play and cooperation in small groups. Students develop proficiency in the fundamental movement skills of the hop, side gallop, skip, overhand throw, kick and two-handed strike. They participate in physical activities that promote enjoyment and recognise the importance of these for health and lifestyle balance.
Activities: My Favourite Activities Collage
Healthy Choices
Students describe ways to keep healthy and safe and explore choices relating to food, sun protection and personal safety. They identify the appropriate use, administration and storage of medicines. Students describe strategies to stay safe at home, on and near roads, when travelling to and from school, and near water. They recognise safe and unsafe environments and situations and suggest a range of protective strategies for dealing with unsafe situations.
Activities: My Favourite Activities Collage, School Safety Report and Letter
Self and Relationships
Students describe similarities and differences between themselves and others. They describe different body parts and how the body grows and changes. Students explore different types of relationships and describe the skills needed to develop and maintain positive relationships. They identify the effects of bullying.
Activities: Friendship Chain and Reflection
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