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Assessment Resource Centre (ARC)

  1. Years 9-10
  2. Australian Geography
  3. Activities
  4. Natural Hazards in Australia
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Natural Hazards in Australia

Grade Work Samples
End of Stage 5 (end of Year 10)
Grade B Kendall   Jules  
Grade D Reese  

Description of activity

Students select and research a natural hazard in Australia, focusing on the impacts of the natural hazard. They then imagine what would happen if the natural hazard occurred in their local area. Students prepare a two-page (A3) newspaper feature covering the hazard including appropriate background information, graphics, comparisons with similar disasters in Australia and the rest of the world, responses and rescue efforts. A worksheet is included for students to use.


Students have studied topic 5A1 Investigating Australia’s Physical Environments. They are able to research and analyse information and apply these skills to an extended study of a natural hazard in Australia.


A student:

5.1 identifies, gathers and evaluates geographical information
5.2 analyses, organises and synthesises geographical information
5.3 selects and uses appropriate written, oral and graphic forms to communicate geographical information
5.5 demonstrates a sense of place about Australian environments
5.10 applies geographical knowledge, understanding and skills with knowledge of civics to demonstrate informed and active citizenship

Criteria for assessing learning

(These criteria would normally be communicated to students with the activity.)
Students will be assessed on their ability to:

  • identify and gather relevant geographical information
  • describe and explain the processes and impacts of a natural hazard
  • present their research in a two-page (A3) newspaper feature incorporating appropriate graphics
  • demonstrate a knowledge of civics and citizenship through the role of individuals, groups and governments in times of dealing with a natural hazard.
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