Work Sample : Jo

Activity : Comparing length

    Comparing length - Jo : Commentary

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Jo has demonstrated an adequate level of competence in comparing the length of different objects. The ends of the objects have been aligned and pictorial representations have been used to record the comparisons informally and support the conclusions. The concept of length has been clearly understood and communicated using everyday language. This work sample demonstrates characteristics of work typically produced by a student performing at the expected standard at the end of Kindergarten.

Foundation Statement strands

The following strands are covered in this activity:

  • Working Mathematically
    Students ask questions and explore mathematical problems. They use everyday language, materials and informal recordings to demonstrate understanding and link mathematical ideas.
  • Measurement and Data
    Students identify length, area, volume, capacity and mass and compare and arrange objects according to these attributes. They name the days of the week and the seasons and they order events in a school day, telling the time on the hour. Students use objects and pictures to create a data display and interpret data.
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