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Standards Materials

The NSW Education Standards Authority reports student achievement in the Higher School Certificate in relation to standards. Students receive marks that relate to performance bands, where each band is described in a statement summarising the knowledge, skills and understanding typically demonstrated by students who have achieved that standard.

Standards materials illustrate the standards established in Higher School Certificate courses. They include descriptions of the performance bands and how they are set, certain key statistical reports, and samples of responses typically produced by students whose achievements place them on the borderline between two bands. Where possible, there are 'exemplar' student responses, which are examples of responses that were awarded full marks. 

Current performance band descriptions are with each Stage 6 syllabus on the NESA site. 

Scroll to a course below and click on the year required to view the standards materials.

Higher School Certificate Standards Materials
Course NameYear
Aboriginal Studies  
Ancient History 2006 2002 2001
Arabic Continuers  
Arabic Extension  
Automotive (Mechanical Technology) Examination  
Business Services  
Business Studies  
Heritage Chinese  
Chinese Background Speakers  
Chinese Beginners  
Chinese Continuers  
Chinese Extension  
Classical Greek Continuers  
Classical Greek Extension  
Classical Hebrew Continuers  
Classical Hebrew Extension  
Community & Family Studies  
Construction Examination  
Design and Technology  
Drama - Individual Project  
Drama - Written Examination and Group Performance  
Earth and Environmental Science 2002 2001
Engineering Studies 2003 2002 2001
English Extension 1  
English Extension 2  
English Standard & Advanced Paper 1  
English Standard Paper 2  
English Advanced Paper 2  
English as a Second Language  
Entertainment Examination 2005 2004
Financial Services  
Food Technology  
French Beginners  
French Continuers  
French Extension  
German Beginners 2009 2002
German Continuers  
German Extension  
History Extension  
Hospitality Examination  
Heritage Indonesian  
Human Services  
Indonesian Background Speakers  
Indonesian Beginners  
Indonesian Continuers  
Indonesian Extension  
Industrial Technology  
Information and Digital Technology  
Information Processes and Technology  
Italian Beginners 2009 2002
Italian Continuers  
Italian Extension  
Heritage Japanese  
Japanese Background Speakers  
Japanese Beginners  
Japanese Continuers  
Japanese Extension  
Heritage Korean  
Korean Background Speakers  
Latin Continuers  
Latin Extension  
Legal Studies  
Mathematics Extension 1 2002 2001
Mathematics Extension 2 2002 2001
Mathematics General 2  
Metal and Engineering Examination 2002 2001
Modern Greek Beginners  
Modern Greek Continuers  
Modern Greek Extension  
Modern Hebrew Continuers  
Modern History 2006 2002 2001
Music 1 2002 2001
Music 2 2002 2001
Music Extension 2002 2001
Personal Development, Health and Physical Education  
Primary Industries Examination 2002 2001
Retail Operations Examination 2003 2002 2001
Russian Continuers  
Senior Science 2002 2001
Society and Culture  
Software Design and Development  
Spanish Beginners 2009 2002
Spanish Continuers  
Spanish Extension  
Studies of Religion I  
Studies of Religion II  
Textiles and Design  
Textiles and Design – Major Textiles Project  
Tourism, Travel and Events  
Vietnamese Continuers  
Visual Arts 2002 2001
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