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Assessment Resource Centre (ARC)

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  2. Stage 5 Grading
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  4. Assessing: each course
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Assessing: each course

An assessment policy specific to each Stage 5 course

In addition to a Stage 5 Record of School Achievement assessment policy (see Assessing: whole school), schools should have an assessment policy specific to each Stage 5 course: it becomes your working document when you are involved in teaching a given course. Appropriate sections of this document should also be communicated to parents and students. It may include:

  • details of the assessment activities or tasks in each course. This includes the number of activities or tasks, the nature of each activity or task, and the schedule of the activities or tasks
  • procedures for recording and determining assessment information for reports
  • procedures for ensuring that separate class groups in the same course are dealt with equitably
  • approaches for implementing the school's policies on the administration of activities or tasks.

The areas for assessment in individual courses can be used by faculties when preparing their assessment schedules. These areas for assessment represent manageable groupings of outcomes and can be mapped to planned assessment activities or tasks on a grid, to ensure that all areas are being covered.

The table below is an example of how areas for assessment could be used when planning an assessment schedule:

  Sample Assessment activities or tasks (with weightings)
Areas for Assessment
Year 10
Common Test
Knowledge and
Investigating and
Interpreting data

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