1. Years 7-8
  2. Arabic
  3. Work Samples
  4. Grade B
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Work Samples - Grade B

The work samples for this grade, together, assist teachers to gain a common understanding of the standard of work typically produced by students whose performance, on balance, matches the description for Grade B.

Activity: Listening and Responding (View Activity…)

Students listen to a group of young people discussing their food and drink preferences, then use this information to complete an information-gap activity and to write a report in Arabic.

Activity: Speaking (View Activity…)

Students use a menu as a stimulus and work in small groups to role-play a situation in an imaginary restaurant.

Grade B

The student has a thorough knowledge and understanding of the content and a high level of competence in the processes and skills. In addition, the student is able to apply this knowledge and these skills to most situations.
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