1. Years 9-10
  2. Visual Arts
  3. Areas for Assessment
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Visual Arts – Areas for Assessment

Activities: Mixed media painting, City as Utopia: City in Decline - Design for Sculpture, The Natural Environment - Disintegration/Restoration, City as Utopia - Relief prints, City in Decline - Totemic Sculpture, Portrait, City landscape, Landscape and the Built Environment - Printmaking: Etching Print
Critical and Historical Studies
Activities: Installation and Site-specific Art

Areas for assessment provide a framework for structuring an assessment program, and may be used for reporting student achievement. They are derived from the course objectives, so they are linked to the course outcomes. Areas for assessment can be used as organisers for assessment of student achievement.

Good assessment practice involves designing quality assessment activities that enable students to demonstrate their achievements. Teachers can use the areas for assessment when designing an assessment activity, to ensure it is assessing performance in relation to a grouping of outcomes.

In designing the assessment schedule for a course, teachers may find it useful to map each planned assessment activity to one or more of the areas for assessment. This allows teachers to ensure that assessment in relation to outcomes can occur across the year in a manageable way.

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