Work Sample : Courtney

Activity : Discussion

    Discussion - Courtney : Grade Commentary

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Courtney has demonstrated a sound understanding of the structure and conventions of a discussion. Both sides of the argument have been presented and a conclusion has been reached but there is a lack of depth and detail. The discussion is well structured but there is some repetition in the argument for homework, and the conclusion could be stronger. The language is appropriate to the text type and there is evidence of effective drafting and editing. Adequate skills in punctuation and spelling have been demonstrated. This work sample demonstrates characteristics of work typically produced by a student performing at grade C standard at the end of Stage 2.

Grade C

The student has a sound knowledge and understanding of the main areas of content and has achieved an adequate level of competence in the processes and skills.

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Foundation Statement strands

The following strands are covered in this activity:

  • Writing
    Students write well-structured literary and factual texts in terms of topic, purpose, audience and language by drafting, revising and proofreading. They use accurate sentence structure, grammatical features and punctuation conventions to produce various texts and spell familiar and unfamiliar words using knowledge of letter-sound correspondence, common letter patterns and a range of other strategies. Students use joined letters when writing in NSW Foundation Style and develop basic desktop publishing skills. Students explain how they structure their writing to achieve intended purposes.
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