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Assessment Resource Centre (ARC)

  1. Guide to Grade Allocation – Stage 5 and Preliminary Courses
  2. How to use the grade monitoring support materials
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How to use the grade monitoring support materials

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Using Grade History or Band History

Analysing and comparing patterns of results for students at your school may help confirm that your proposed patterns of Stage 5 and Stage 6 Preliminary course grades are supported.

To help monitor your proposed Stage 5 or Preliminary course grades, you can use the Grade History tools.

To help monitor your proposed Preliminary course grades, you may wish to view the HSC band history for your past students.

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Using Grade History

Step 1: Log on to Schools Online Administration and under the Data Collection heading select Grades.

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Step 2: Use the drop-down menu at the top of the screen to select the stage you wish to view. A list of all Stage 5 or Preliminary courses for your school will appear.

Step 3: Select a course.

If the Board of Studies requests work samples from your school, this will be indicated on this page.

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The screen will list all students studying the selected course at your school by student number and name. It will also have columns for entering grades or 'N' determinations.

Grades will appear in the Grade column when entered by the school.

Step 4: View the course grade history for your school by selecting 'grade history' from the action menu on the left hand side of the screen.

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The Grade History graph displays in percentages the grades for students at your school in recent years.

There is a key that shows the colours used for each grade in the graph.

The average percentage of grades awarded over time is shown by a red line. It is based on total grade history and does not include the current year's grades.

Course candidate numbers for each year are indicated below the graph.

When grades for the current year are entered in Schools Online, a new column will appear showing this data. This will allow an easy visual comparison of the current grade pattern with the historical pattern.

Step 5: To view the data in different formats, select 'show grade history in tabs' from the action menu on the left hand side of the screen.

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Step 6: Select the tab for the format in which you want to view the historical data.

  • Graph
  • Average
  • Minimum/Maximum

Step 7: If Adobe Flash is detected, tick the box. The graphics will then be displayed with more clarity.

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Caution should be exercised when comparing this year's grades to historical data where a course contains fewer than 25 students or has less than 4 years of data.

Step 8: Select the CSV of Grade History to export data.

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The data will then be exported as an Excel file.

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Step 9: When you select the Average tab, the average percentages of grades awarded will be shown in two different tables.

As grades are entered, information for the current year will be immediately updated.

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Step 10: When you select the Minimum/Maximum tab, the minimum (low range) and maximum (high range) percentages of grades will be shown in two formats:

  • the top table shows percentages for each A to E grade
  • the bottom table shows combined percentages for grades A+B and D+E.

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Step 11: To view the graph and numerical data together, select 'Show analysis in a single page' from the action menu on the left hand side of the screen.

The view will change from a tab format to show all the information on a single page.

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Using HSC Band History

Step 1: Log on to Schools Online Administration and select the HSC Band History under the Results tab.

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Step 2: Select the course you wish to view. The graph will show your HSC band history pattern over time.

If schools choose to consider their HSC performance band patterns for past students to assist in monitoring the Preliminary course grades they award, they should be mindful that there is no direct correlation between HSC performance bands and Preliminary course grades. General patterns over time, however, may provide some information about the performance of students at the school.

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Further support for grading

More information on awarding, moderating and checking your Stage 5 and Preliminary course grades is available in the Record of School Achievement (RoSA) section of the Board's website and on the Board's Assessment Resource Centre (ARC) website:

  • Awarding, moderating and monitoring grades (RoSA)
  • Guide to grade allocation (ARC).
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