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Assessment Resource Centre (ARC)

  1. Years 9-10
  2. Work Samples and Activities
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Work Samples and Activities

This section of the website supports teachers across NSW in the consistent awarding of Grades (A-E) for the Stage 5 courses, using the course performance descriptors developed for each course.
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For each course listed below there are samples of student work aligned to various grade levels, to illustrate standards. These work samples clarify the standards described in the course performance descriptors. They illustrate the quality of work typically produced by students who receive each grade.
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A grade commentary accompanies each work sample, indicating why it was aligned to a particular grade.
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Work Samples and Activities
Aboriginal Studies Agricultural Technology Arabic
Australian Geography Australian History Chinese
Commerce Dance Design and Technology
Drama English Food Technology
French German Graphics Technology
Industrial Technology Information and Software Technology Japanese
Mandatory History Mathematics Music
PDHPE Science Textiles Technology
Visual Arts
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