HSC Japanese Beginners Supplementary Standards Material

These samples of student responses from the 2009 HSC Japanese Beginners oral examination supplement the existing Japanese Beginners standards packages.

The material has been selected from responses to the 2009 HSC Japanese Beginners oral examination. Responses have been chosen that represent performance at the borderlines between Bands 5/6, 4/5, 3/4, 2/3 and 1/2.

The student responses will assist teachers and students to develop an understanding of how well students at each borderline answered each question. This will help to build a picture of the knowledge and skills typical of achievement at each of these levels of performance. However, to gain a full understanding of standards of achievement in Japanese Beginners, these responses should be read in conjunction with the existing standards packages.

It is important to note that the samples of student responses in the standards packages typify the standard of work produced by students on the borderline between performance bands. They should not be regarded as exemplary responses, nor should they be seen as typical of all students achieving a mark placing them in a particular band.

For information regarding the development and setting of standards, the Japanese Beginners syllabus and band descriptions, refer to the 2002 Japanese Beginners Package.