HSC Standards Package for Studies of Religion I and II

Student performance in the Higher School Certificate examinations is reported in relation to standards (or levels of achievement).

This Standards Package contains:

  • introductory comments on the 2007 HSC Standards Package and how it can be used
  • the examination papers that show each question students were required to answer or task they were required to perform
  • the marking guidelines that show the criteria applied to allocate marks to the student responses in line with the quality of responses
  • the syllabus
  • band descriptions summarising the knowledge, skills and understanding typically demonstrated by students who achieve each band
  • samples of student responses to all the compulsory questions and some of the optional questions on the examination to illustrate the nature and quality of the responses typically produced by students whose marks in the examination placed them at the borderline between each pair of bands. The material is organised in such a way that if a particular section or question is selected, and then a particular borderline selected, it will be possible to view or hear the responses of a sample of students at that borderline.
  • tables and graphs portraying the statistics of how students answered multiple-choice questions. For each group of students with marks on the borderline between two bands, the percentage of the group who selected A, B, C and D is given
  • exemplary samples of non-multiple-choice items. The Standards Packages contain an exemplary sample answer for every question and option where a suitable exemplary sample answer is available.

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